We are looking for accounting and finance specialists to join our team.

This questionnaire helps us to get some information on our future colleague. Please fill them carefully and honestly so we all can make a better decision, which is crucial for your success and that of our firm. If you which to know more about ACESY, please visit our website at www.acesy.net. Once we receive your response, we may invite you to attend an individual or group interview to discuss further. 

Please ensure that you have skills and competencies in the following area, otherwise, disregard this questionnaire.

  • Accounting management (General and Analytic accounting),

  • Financial reporting (IFRS, Individual country and consolidated)

  • Evaluation – Investment appraisal and company valuation,

  • Finance and asset management (budgeting, funding, and control),

  • Fiscal and tax management,

  • Support the development of accounting and finance related products,

  • Designing and implementing an accounting and financial management system for PME in any industry,

  • Business planning and risk management.

Your personal information. By filling the questionnaire, you agree that we process your personal information according to our privacy policy available https://www.acesy.net/en/policy.