Founded in 2015 to enable organisations to reduce their ICT expenses without scarifying innovation and quality across all their IT. We provide IT solutions that fix customer's business problems while combining a delighted experience and superior customers' benefits. Our journey to date has been exciting. We have successfully served number of customers in various industries. In line with our vision, our mission and values we are pursuing our customer oriented strategy with our stakeholders utilities in mind. Our talented staff from Amsterdam, London and Douala offices deserve special thank for the exceptional work they deliver every day to understand and fix our customers' business problems. It is all about trust, innovation and happiness.


Great products for great people

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve every business's performance through disruptive IT services and products. We build great products to solve your business problems. 

We offer great IT services and products that enable businesses to reduce their expenses and to continue innovation. We accelerate the digital transformation of companies of any size in various industries willing to optimize their performance.

Our Team


To creating values for our customers, our staff, the global economy and communities' while saving the planet, reducing cost and enabling innovation. To offering services and products to solve customers' business problems through delighted experience and at values to our stakeholders. To building a global brand with multi-billion euros of asset value by end 2020.


People are collectively powerful and hold capabilities to transform the way we life. Technologies integration, creativity and skills of our people leads to services and products that create values to our customers, our associates and our communities. Delighted experience and relevant stakeholders value is what drives our teams.


Our core values consists of Trust, Innovation and Happiness which encapsulate key drivers of our staffs behavior: Integrity, confidence, competency, leadership, responsiveness, relationship, commitment, honesty, humility, planet protection. Customer focused, creativity, achievement. stakeholders’ utilities, fun, excellence, affiliation, fairness.

Our expertise

What do we do for our customers?

Cloud and on-premise IT solutions.

From IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Hybrid Cloud or on-premise solution, our experts help gladly.

Software developments

Predominantly qualified to deliver web-based and mobile apps, but can help on legacy software.

Solution integration

Integration of existing solution or industries specific system to customer's business process.


Where can we help?

On which IT part can we help?

We expertise covers networking, the server and storage, the IP Telephony, wireless and more

Who are our customers?

Our solutions are tailored for small, medium and large businesses across multiple industries.

Our global presence

We serve customers globally from London, Amsterdam, Cameroon  offices  and our partners.

50,000+ companies run our ERP to grow their businesses.

20,000+ clients have saved their IT budget using the life cycle extension.

Join us and make your company a better place.


Our team

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Mme Barbara Kemayou  GTM Manager

  De part mon background en marketing communication, vente et  l'expérience acquis dans le management, je peux vous affirmer que nous savons ce qui est important pour vous et nous mettrons toujours à votre disposition une équipe de professionnels soucieux de vous satisfaire."

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Arnaud Kouam,   Lead Presale consulting engineer.

Ingénieur de conception polytechnicien de formation ; possédant une double compétence aussi bien technique que commercial ; disposant de plus de 3 ans d’expérience dans les multinationales j’assure un suivit minutieux et un accompagnement optimale des commerciaux dans la démarche de vente de produits technique ; nous sommes  précis dans le travail compétitif et inventif.

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Ivan Djouaka, Software engineer.

Diplômé de l’école supérieure polytechnique de Yaoundé ; mes expériences combinés  au RECIF et a ORANGE CAMEROUN nous aurons permis de développer des compétences telles que  la rigueur ; le travail sous pression ; et une grande flexibilité tout ceci  pour fournir un travail de qualité aux clients.

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M. Asti Tchatchou a Sale specialist

During my business studies, my Marketing lecturer used to tell me to always remember about this Philip KOTLER’s quote: « the best advertising is done by satisfied customers » . During my 6 years experience as sales executive, I always focus on customers needs to always keep them satisfied.

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Laeticia Fomo,   Sale specialist.

Nanti d’un diplôme d’ingénieur manager en génie industriel et maintenance ; qualifiée en management , vente ,et stratégie ,mon expérience de 3 ans aux postes de responsable marketing et commercial nous permet de mieux comprendre les challenges du client. Les leçons apprises sont un atout incontestable pour la satisfaction des besoins de nos clients.

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Francoise Dipoko, Sale specialist.

Titulaire d’un diplôme de master  en option marketing à l’ESSEC  Cameroun et des expériences   en consultation et stratégies marketing et  ventes, soutenue d’une équipe aux qualités multidisciplinaires  dans divers domaines ; aux idées innovantes et futuristes dont le seul but est le service et la plénitude  de sa clientèle passant par le respect de l’éthique professionnel.

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M. Yanique Tsague , Software engineer

Technically skilled and qualified Software Engineer utilizing my proficiency and skills in creating best interactive projects. I am truly passionate about: software development. I love learning new languages and frameworks and can be a strong asset to my engineering team that is based on collaboration and creativity. I received my computer science degree from Nilai University College (Malaysia) in 2015 where I studied Online Banking. My core values are respect, commitment and team work.

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M. Gabin Nguenda,   Software engineer.

Passionné et toujours motivé, j'aime les challenges. Ingénieur de conception en génie informatique, je suis diplômé de l'école nationale supérieure polytechnique de Yaoundé (Cameroun). Dans mon parcours, J'ai eu l’opportunité de me confronter à divers défis. Cela m'a permis de développer un esprit adaptatif et de cultiver la rigueur.

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