How to delete a user account?

Audrey ZINA

                                   How to delete your user acount on ACESY Cloud                                         platform? 


                                If you  want to delete your Acesy account carefully follow the steps that follow :                          

                1     . Click on the link of the website that follows:   you will be directed to the homepage of                 the website as shown below  and then Sign in.

                2.    Click on the button then enter your username and password to access your secure administration                 space. You will land in a screen similar to the one below:

                 3.    From the above page click on your name written at the top right as shown on the figure.

                  4.  On the list that appears, click 

                 5.    A page similar to the following will be displayed (see figure above).


                  6.    Click on the button (shown above).
                  7.    A form appears next to it  (see figure above) then click on the button.

                   8.   Confirm the deletion of your account by clicking on the buttonthat is indicated on the message on the page                     below:

                    9.    On the following form that appears enter your  password.


                     10.    Then click on the button.
                     11.    At this point, your account will be deleted and a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Please read and                     follow the instruction in the email carefully. 

                     12.    If you encounter any problem during this procedure, please contact us immediately for help.