How to create a user account?

Audrey ZINA

                                                     How to create a user account on our platform?



                Step 1 of 3 : Login to ACESY website

                                 IMPORTANT:  Follow the steps below to set up your account correctly if not, you may need to start over and create a new account .

                1.     Go to You will be directed on the homepage as seen below.
                   2.    Click on the button Register at the top of the page of the homepage. 

                   Step 2 of 3 : Fill in  your information


                    On the page « register »,                         



                                        enter your personal information.

                    1.    On « Name », enter your name.

                    2.    On « Email address », enter your e-mail  address.

                    3.    On « Password », enter your password and do the same in « Confirm Password ».

                    4.    Confirm the RECAPTCHA.

                     5. Click on the button CREATE ACCOUNT that follows. 

                       GOOD TO KNOW :  If you do not log in to Facebook or Gmail, you will need to verify your  e-mail address  and then                                         proceed to the confirmation step below. Otherwise the verification  operation is automatic.

                             If you want to login from your facebook account click on the button  

                       Step 3 of 3 : E-mail confirmation.

                     After creating your account you must confirm your e-mail from the following message (see figure below) .


                         1. Confirm your mailbox , open the confirmation message below 


                   and click on the button« Confirm my email »  that follows  

                           You will see a message that will notify you that the verification is successful completed and you will be                                                   redirected to the login page with the login form below :

                            You can now enter the e-mail and password entered during the creation of your account and then click on the                             button « Confirm » to log into your account.

                              How to view information about ACESY user account from the                                 console.

                             Now that you have been able to create your  ACESY account and log in, you will now be able to use this part                               of the tutorial or even your user profile information through the Console.

                             1.    From ACESY website, click on the button located at the top right and you will now                             access the interf console interface  below :

                                                                 On this interface you will see your name written at the top right ( see figure above) click on your name and                                                             then click on My Profile section.

                             2.    You will see a list of all information about your account. 

                                                               If you want you can edit or add one or more information and then save it by     
                                                        clicking  on   .