How to contact acesy team?

Audrey ZINA

                                 Contact Acesy for assistance 

                           You have browsed the Acesy website to subscribe to a service or to purchase a catalog application or other action but you                          do not know how to do it ? Do not worry, thanks to this tutorial you will be able to contact us for an assistance online.
                                    Know that there are several methods to ask for assistance to take in hand the various ACESY’s tools as well as to                                 perform various actions on the website .

                                First method

                                    From our Website, click on     located at the top right of our homepage ( see figure below).


                                         On the page that appears you  will realize that there are many ways to contact  Acesy team for assistance.




                                        1.   You can also make a call directly via the phone numbers  listed in the Call Us.

                                        2.   You can send an e-mail. Go down further  on the same page you will see a form ( see figure
                                        below) please fill it.                                                   


                                Fill out this form by entering the subject of your request for assistance and the message you
                                want to sent in the Subject and Message boxes respectively.                                           

                                Then make a click on   in  order to send your request.

                                        3.   You can simply initiate a chat and ask all your questions by clicking
                                                on   from the website at  the bottom to the far right ( see figure below visible on
                                                the homepage). 



                                             Enter your name, your questions, choose the department to whom you want to address the message and
                                                click , the chat is started and you can then ask all your questions.


                              Second method
                                    You can do it from the console in the support section.  From ACESY’s website, click  .
                                    You will access the console interface below. 

                                    Click on the section  hence 
                                    On the page that appears  (figure below) make a click on the button  .



                                       Fill out the form below that appears to you.