Administrators module overview

Audrey ZINA

                                         Administrators Module overview


                                   As part of this tutorial we will detail the Administrators module among others explaining  what it is used for  and give                                     details on the elements  that make up its user interface.       

                Go to  you will be directed to the homepage of the website as shown below.

                1.    From our website click on the button  located at the top right you will thus access the                                     console interface as shown below:


                 From the homepage of the console, ( see figure above)  you will see the Administrators module.


                  By clicking on it you will see the homepage interface.



                                The Analytics module contains two clearly marked sections on its homepage. The My Administrators section                                 and  Delegate  Access(es) section.  

               2.    The first section of the  Administrators module is My Administrator(s), listing all the administrators if there are any.

             To see the list of access of an administrator account, click the button  . To remove an administrator,
            click , so you can add to one of your other administrator to have access to  your account by clicking on the             button .

         Otherwise, you can create one. 

         2.1. To create a new administrator, simply click on

         2.2.      Subsequently the form below is displayed, please fill it out and then click on the button .








                2.3.      In Name, fill in the name of the administrator that you made. In Email, enter his  email address.

         2.4.      In the section Choose Access For Your Administrator,  give access for your account  to this administrator  you  created.

         2.5.      In the Manage Account, list  the items you validated and these items will be managed by this administrator in your own                                account. For example if you choose Groups , this user will  have access to all groups to which you are member.

                 2.6.        In the Manage services similarly, the item you will check  will be allowed access to this administrator  from your account .                                    The same goes for the accesses for the Personals data and  Manage Billing and charging.

         3.  The accesses you have been assigned will be in the Delegate Accesses if you are an administrator of another account .