How to deploy Osticket?

Debora SIMO

                                                                                                            How to deploy the application OsTicket ?

                                                                                            First possibility :  « free trial » 


                                                                        When you connect to the website through the link , you notice that the                                                                         platform consists of several ads  If you want to deploy the application OsTicket, carefully study this                                                                         guide don’t  worry you don’t have to be an IT expert .Read the tutorial carefully and if necessary,                                                                            contact us via our live chat by clicking on the button below:   


                                                                        From the website at the bottom to the far right (  see figure below visible on the homepage).



                                                      To deploy an application and connect to it without any  difficulties, carefully  follow the following steps below:                             


                                          Step 1 of 3 : View the list of all applications applications

                                       1.    From the homepage of the website, click on the button   shown in the following figure: 


                                2.    Click on the application of your choice that you wish to deploy. As part of this tutorial we will choose                                     the application OsTicket.


                                                        Step 2 of 3 : Deploy your application

                                After clicking on the application you want to deploy in this case OsTicket in this tutorial, click on the button                                   Free trial now  on the page that appears.


                                        Scroll down the same  page and fill in the form below:


                                1.    On « App’s Name », enter the name of the application in this case Os Ticket.

                                2.    On « Companyname », enter the subdomain make a choice of subdomain 
                                     and   by clicking

                                3.    If the subdomain name is good and well available, you can then complete the deployment process by                                     clicking on the button DEPLOY.

                                                              After your deployment you are notified that the application is deployed and your connection settings to the                                                             application are communicated to you ( section configuration parameters in the figure below).


                                Note : Do not worry if the application takes a little time to get started. In general, it takes a time                                        ranging from 10 mins to 4 hours to be available according to the propagation time of DNS.

                                                                                                Step 3 of 3 : Login to the application.

Important : You can also find the connection parameters to the application that were assigned to you when you confirmed the deployment of the free trial  using a tool that is responsible  for administering all services… This tool is the Console


                                                                        You connect to the application by :

                            1.    Simply click on the link next to App Url (see figure above).

                            2.     After completing the login form with the setting that were provided to you after the application was                                 deployed..


                            3.    Finally click on  LOGIN  to access your account on the application.

                                                                The homepage of the application as part of this tutorial that of OsTicket is displayed as :