Apply for a new application

Audrey ZINA

                                                 How to apply for a new application ? 
                                  To request a new application follow the steps below: 

                   Go to  : you will be directed on the homepage of the website as shown below.

                    1.    From the homepage click on the buttonlocated at the right top you will thus access the console                                                    interface as shown below:


                    2.    On this interface click on  My Products and Services section that appears on the

                        menu on the left.



                    3.    On the drop-down menu that appears make a click on to display  the list of                     application in the catalog.                    

                    4.    On the page that appears you will see at the far right section the name Filter By header at                     the bottom of the page you will see at the end of this small section a link marked link.
                    Click on this link. 


                   5. Complete all the field of the form below that appears and then click on the button