Service Renewal

Audrey ZINA

                                                 How to renew a service? 

                                    To renew a service carefully follow the steps below:


                Connect to the ACESY website.

                        1.    In order to  get into our website,Click on the link : , you will be directed on the                         homepage of the website as shown below.
              2.   From the website, click on the buttonlocated on the right side at the top, you will thus access a secure                                   administration space similar to the one below:

             3.    On this interface you will see your name listed at the top right,  (see figure above) click on the name, then click on the                 section Billing and Charging.

             4. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on  

             5. In the service table that appears click on the button corresponding to  the service you want to renew.


                6.    After clicking on the button Renew now, fill in the form that is shown below :

                 7.    In the form that will be displayed, you will have to enter your purchase currency in the  Select your currency, it will                     be necessary to specify on which period your booking will be done in the  Select your period, you choose your                     package in  Select your Package, you choose a method of payment ( for example paypal ) a billing address in                        Select your Billing address.                  


                                    8. Accept the terms and conditions of purchase as well as the policy and confirm the purchase by clicking on
                                        the button  

                     9.  You can then continue the process by completing the purchase process via a PayPal account.