Analytics  module overview

Audrey ZINA

                                                 Analytics Module Overview 

                                            As part of this tutorial we will discuss about the Analytics module among other explaining what it is used for and detail                                             the elements that make up its user interface.

                    Click on the following link: you will be directed on the homepage of the website as                     shown below.



                    1.    From the homepage of the website, click on the button  located at the top right you will thus                     access the console interface as shown below:

                                         On the homepage of the console (see figure above) you see the Analytics module.
                                         By clicking on it you will see the homepage interface below.
                                         The ANALYTICS module contains two clearly marked sections on its homepage  : The Actual Prices of Services

                                        and Expenses Per Month sections.


                                     2.   The first section of the Analytics module Actual Prices of Services is divided in to several  categories.

                                     2.1.      In the Actual Prices of Services you will see the details of all the types  of services you have had to subscribe                                                        from your application : Applications, VPS, Domain Name, Email, Web Hosting, Website Builder…

                                    2.2.      In each  service section we have the total purchase price you paid for example  in the Application section you                                                          have at the bottom the total price paid to buy all the applications you had to subscribe  during a specific                                                                          period(for 1 month… for 1 year…) and the currency used to make your purchase.


                                2.3.      To see details about a particular service, click on  .
                                2.4.      To see the details of different application you have subscribed , click on show Details in the section Application.

                             You will see a drop-down  list containing all the applications you have subscribed to.

                                 The subscription dates and the types of subscription  used (paid or free)  and the duration of this subscription is observed.

                                3.    The section Expenses Per Month gives statistics  on how much money you spent in a particular year for each month                                              as a curve.