Wordpress: android mobile configuration

Audrey ZINA

                             WordPress: android mobile Configuration  

                            We will see in this tutorial how to configure  wordpress mobile to connect to the application Wordpress
                            that you have self-hosted.

                             From Play Store of your  android phone ;

                              1.  Search Wordpress 


                               2.    Then make a click on button .

                               3.   Once the download is over, you can open the application by clicking on the button  .


                                 4. You are now redirected to the login page  simply fill out the form that will be given to you.


                           Choose  LOGIN by entering the address of your website Just fill out the form on this page.


                             5.    For the box  Website Address  you enter the URL that was provided  to you in the

                                    default setting when you deployed Wordpress from the website . 

                                    5.1.    Then go to  https://www.acesy.net 


                                        5.2.    Click    on the page above to access the console interface that appears ( see figure below).

                                      5.3.  Click  on My Products and Services and then Apps. 



                                    5.4.    On the list of application that appears, search your application in this case Wordpress. In the section                                         describing Wordpress you will see below  Url  this URL is the one you will enter in the box  Website                                     Address in the Login form from your android phone ( see figure below).


                                     Click on  Next.
                                     The  Username and Password  you entered when you created  Wordpress account  during
                                    the deployment of the application correspond respectively  to the Username and Password boxes
                                    of the form  below  in your Android mobile.


                                                    Fill in the login form  of your mobile  with its parameters indicated on the console then click                                                      NEXT.

                                                 Click on Continue as seen on the page below.

                                                7.    You are then directed to the homepage of your Wordpress account as shown below.