How to create LDAP users?

Audrey ZINA

                         How to create LDAP users? 

             Firstly, you need to know that an LDAP user is created from the user interface phpldapmy admin. This
                interface is accessible when you have fully deployed  the OpenLDAP application, so if you have  not done
                so already , You have you to deploy OpenLDAP from our platform. After deploying the application you can
                 easily create  LDAP  users .  Carefully follow the steps of this tutorial.

        Step 1 of 3 :  Go to the console interface to access the url of
                    your phpldapmyadmin page.

        When you have deployed  the OpenLDAP application, parameters have been assigned  to you among other

         URL. It is this url that will direct you to the phpldapmyadmin  interface on which  you will create LDAP users.

         Go to ,you will be directed to the next homepage below :


        1.   From the homepage of the website, click on the button  shown on the figure below:

        2.   On the left side of the menu, click on the section My products and Services.


        3.    Choose  Apps from the drop-down menu that comes to you.


        4.   On the page that appears, search OpenLDAP  and make a click on the button More .

       5.   Scroll down the page to see this connection setting in the section Default Configuration parameters.

       6. On the page above, click on the link next to the url  and you will see the homepage to  phpldapmyadmin

         as shown below :


        Step 2 of 3 : Log on phpldapadmin.

      1.   On the page above, click on  and fill the form below :

       2.   The boxes Login DN and Password  are filled  in with information from the console  (section Default

        configuration parameters)  as shown below:

        Fill the form above with information that  was provided to you  in the Configuration Parameters  section

        after the application was deployed: The login DN of the form above is constructed as follow : cn=LDAP Admin    

        user (its value) and  ,dc=  and the URL provided in the  Configuration Parameters  ( delete the  https://  and
        replace all the points of the URL by ,dc=  ).         

        Exemple:    For we obtain cn=admin,dc=audrey-openldap,dc=acesy,dc=nl  and 

         LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD in the section Configuration Parameters corresponds to the box Password 
         of the form above.  Then click on Authenticate.
         You wil see the phpldapmyadmin  home interface in a connected mode as seen below :



            Step 3 of 3 : Create Users

             o   Creation of organizational units

              In phpLDAPadmin, click to expand the list of your server  ( in my example,  dc =audrey-openldap ,

             dc = acesy , dc =nl),then click Create New Entry Here.


           In the right pane, Generic:Organizational Unit.

         Let's start by creating an organizational unit called "groups". In the next window, type groups and click

        create Object. Commit the group by clicking Commit in the next  window.



         You will see a new entry in the left pane called ou = groups.


         Let’s create a new organizational unit called "users". Follow the same process as above, but name

        the organizatinal "users"  instead of "groups". You will see "ou = groups" and "ou = users" in the left pane.

             o   Group creation
             Now that we have created an organizational unit for goups, we can add the necessary groups . For example
            we create groups for "admin" and "developers" and "users". We proceed as shown below :           

        1.   Click on ou=groups in the left pane.
        2.   On the resulting window, make a click on Create child Entry.         

        3.   Click on Generic: Posix Group.

         4.   Type admin  in the group text.
         5.   Click on Create Object.

         6.   Then click Commit.    
         7.   If you want to create other groups, you can repeat the process by changing the name.