Create   and  edit  a  billing  address

Audrey ZINA

                                         How to create and edit a billing address ? 

                                l.     Create a billing  address

                                    To create a billing address follow the following steps below:       

                  Go to   you will be directed to to the homepage of the website
                  as shown below.


                1.    From the Acesy website click on the button located at the top right you will thus access the console                                       interface of below :


                2.    On this interface, make a click on Billing and Charging that appears on the menu on the left.


                 3.    On the drop-down menu that appears, click  to display the list of addresses present if you have already                 created some of them .

                4.    On the page that appears click on the buttonto create a new billing address.

               5.    Complete the form that will then appear to you.


                 6. Fill in the fields of the form with your own information and then click on the button  

                     II.             Edit a billing address

                To edit a billing address that already exists from the console interface, always click on Billing and Charging,  and then                 click on the button to list your addresses.

                                    On the list corresponding to the address you want to edit, click inside the fill of this line and fill in these fields with                                     new information. The recording is done automatically .